Lazy Man's Guitar Lessons with Brother JT

Get better by getting lazy? Maybe you've been wanting to bone up on your ELECTRIC guitar chops but didn't know where to start? Maybe you have an old axe sitting in the back corner of your basement or closet that you haven't touched for months or years... or are eyeing one up online. But it's intimidating to play it when there are so many amazing superstar guitar players out there you are supposed to measure up to like Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix. That's where Brother JT comes in... he's got a full plan for you to get the ball rolling to play some sick garage rock the lazy man's (or woman's or person's) way.

Brother JT is one of our local treasures. Not only did he play with the amazing band, The Original Sins, back in the 80s-1990s, but he is a prolific songwriter with a ton of solo albums under his belt. He also plays guitar with the band RunHideFight and still manages to have time to create very interesting music videos and interviews (see Trippin' Balls with Brother JT) and hand-drawn animations for his songs. Brother JT just released his latest album called Tornado Juice on Thrill Jockey records.

According to Brother JT's educational video, not only will being lazy help you store your energy for possible disasters, like escaping a puma, but it is also a state of mind that helps you be creative.

Well, watch and learn below as Brother JT gives you his Brother JTips on power chords, majors, minors, mind control, efficiency, and try to spot all the secret inside rock jokes and song references.

If you want to see all Brother JT's magic live in action in real life, head to Kung Fu Necktie on May 11th

Check out Brother JT's latest album Tornado Juice here, or watch the video for his newest song, Baked Alaska, below.

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