Interview with Andrew Chalfen + Dean Sabatino of I Think Like Midnight

Hey! We're back in business ... with an interview with Andrew and Dean from I Think Like Midnight!

For some reason iHeartRadio isn't updating the podcast in the player yet, but I'm including the Spreaker embed instead until that shows up. 

I Think Like Midnight is an instrumental rock band started by Andrew Chalfen (The Wishniaks, The Trolleyvox) and Dean Sabatino (Dead Milkmen). They started out as a studio project but realized that they would enjoy playing the music out live in front of people - so they added bassist Josh Newman and keyboard player Joe Genaro to fill out the band.

If you think of instrumental music as sleepy and ambient, this is not that, not most of the time. It's great music for "journeys of the mind" as they say, and makes for good driving music as well. Some of the songs are very dancey and others are more contemplative and moody feeling.

They just put out their second album, This Land is Your Mind, recorded at Miner Street Studios with Brian McTear. Tons of credits are over at their bandcamp page if you want to see all the production notes.

In the interview, Andrew and Dean talk about the evolution of I Think Like Midnight, how they create their songs and title them, balancing their musical endeavors with other projects and day-to-day life, and their visual artworks as well. Andrew Chalfen's art graces the covers of the two albums and his Instagram is full of cool stuff he's always working on.

Their next show is Saturday, March 24th at The Mothership in West Philly along with Jo Nelson, Joe Genaro (pulling a double shift with ITLM and his solo set), and Joshua Alvarez and priceeds will go to Broad St Ministry ID Program to provide homeless and people in poverty with legal Pennsylvania ID.

You can check out more of Andrew Chalfen's art at his Instagram and below in the video for "Tuned Mass Damper"

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