Philly Phave Track Week of 1/29/18 - Because I Love You by RunHideFight

I'm always looking for more bands with amazing women in them to listen to and see live, because let's face it, rock'n'roll music tends to be a pretty male-dominated world, still. 

I know, we've come a long way, baby... but we still have miles to go. A lot of us grow up in a world where young ladies are expected to help cook and clean and babysit a lot more often than their male siblings, which eats up precious time for hobbies and extra talents while our brothers and male friends get to play video games and practice musical instruments and stay out way later than we ever could dream of without parents batting an eye. It's also been filled for many years (although hopefully the tides are turning) with people who don't particularly care what women have to say, or rather sing about. People who tried to tell us that things didn't really happen and isn't our experience. People who preyed on talented young women looking for a break. People who would rather the women take care of them and pamper them and fangirl over them and just shut up (except to cheer) and listen.

I heard about RunHideFight at first in the interview with Lefty's Deceiver (Episode #3), as they mentioned the group as one of their favorite local Philly bands. Not long after that, a handful of friends shared their Soundcloud page and I headed out to see them live on January 20th when they opened for Creem Circus at the Barbary. Well, I have to say, it was a lot of fun to see them rock the freak out! Geeta was playing that sick checkerboard double neck guitar made for her custom by DiPinto Guitars for most of the show... Brother JT is Brother JT and always an experience. But it wasn't just cool riffs led by Geeta (Dalal) Simons (from Rockula, Swisher) on guitar & vocals, Brother JT on guitar and backup vocals, and Christine Weiser (formerly of Mae Pang) on bass/backup vocals... Geeta also sang a song about growing up in West Virginia and her experience with nasty kids/racism because she didn't look like the other kids in school. Geeta and Christine both took some time out from making music to have kids/family and now found they missed the creative outlet and community involved. 

The riffs, the call and response/harmonies, and the fun, dirty, garage rock sound ... it's all there, plus more. Any of the tracks over at their Soundcloud page are delightful, but I picked this one because I really love the vocals (lead and background) and the slightly sinister 60s sound.

RunHideFight on Facebook

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