This Bizarre UFO Sighting Came Straight Out of Harry Reid’s Real-Life X-Files

When he wasn’t accusing Mitt Romney of tax fraud, it turns out former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was hunting UFOs — and spending a lot your money to do it.

The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was created as part of the Defence Intelligence Agency in 2007 and spent $22 million to try and verify the existence of extraterrestrial visitations. The real-life X-Files were officially defunded in 2012, but in true Fox Mulder fashion, the hunt has continued off the books for years.

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But don’t worry Harry, the New York Times has your back. In a report over the weekend, the Times highlighted a video that showed unexplained activity from a craft that out-maneuvered an F18 Hornet and appeared to fly in unexplainable ways.

What was it that spurred Reid into action? True, he was the senator from the state housing Area 51, but most likely it was just his part of a quid-pro-quo with a campaign donor. The Pentagon gave most of the appropriated $22 million to an aerospace company owned by Robert Bigelow, a billionaire businessman who is “absolutely convinced” that aliens exist.

Bigelow is reported to be a close friend of Reid’s and gave money to both of Reid’s Senate reelection campaigns in 2004 and 2010.

Yes, Harry, the “truth is out there” — but it’s just further proof of your corruption.

Are you a believer in alien life and that we have been visited? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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