Check out New Songs from Lefty's Deceiver: Our Best + Helena Heartbreak

After 14 years, local Philly band Lefty's Deceiver is putting out a new album on December 25th. You can check out their first two tracks below! They put out 4 albums in 5 years back in the late 1990s/early 2000s and then sort of faded away into memories of Psychedelphia Past.

If you're not familiar with the band, Lefty's Deceiver was made of Andy Williams, Mike Kennedy, Kristine (Muller) Kennedy, and Ed Hogarty (also of The Bigger Lovers) at various points in their lineup history. (Ed left the band for a while, so Kristine joined in on bass, but then Ed came back on guitar for a great, rich, full sound.)

Some would classify their music as math rock but that term doesn't really 100% mesh with the visceral and energetic nature of the live show they put on, where you can have a real emotional connection to supposedly cerebral music. 

They're playing a live show on December 29th at Boot & Saddle along with JJL and I Think I Like Midnight. Don't miss it.

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