LISTEN: George Ezra "Don't Matter Now"

Filling in for Amber Miller for a few days this week and during her show she plays you "Something New"- so this afternoon I was able to play you the new song by George Ezra "Don't Matter Now", a song the musician wrote about his battles w/ anxiety. 

I just wanted to post this song 1) this song is refreshingly honest 2) it's super uplifting and gentle and takes a topic that we as a society are often too afraid to talk about, and he turned it into a happy song 3) anxiety is something I believe we need to openly talk about more. Talking about anxiety is CRUCIAL to our self-development as humans and as a human race in this wild rollercoaster called life.

About this song, George Ezra told NME:

“I wrote ‘Don’t Matter Now’ to remind myself, primarily, that it’s okay to want to take yourself away from situations from time to time,” said Ezra. “It was one of the first new songs I wrote after ‘Wanted On Voyage’, all the way back in sunny 2015. Events from back then can seem quite trivial at this point, but the song has made more sense to me as time has gone on.

“In time I realised that it wasn’t just me that was suffering from anxiety, it wasn’t just me that was confused, and that there’s no harm in not always understanding what’s going on in the world around you.”

Remember that ^^^

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